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In Love With Snsd Forever And Never Will Stop Luving Them...


Carrabien Bay MV

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 2:43AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

It Hot Right

The Video...Well I Was Hoping To See Khun And Yoona.. Anyways Who Is Your Fave Cabi?


I Fell In Love!

Mon, 03/15/2010 - 7:23PM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

With Who?...Ummmm...Christofer David Ingle Of Course!His Voice Is So Damn Beautiful!He's Superly Duperly Sweet Look At Him. Am I Not Right!



Mon, 03/15/2010 - 7:10PM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

Cool Omg SNSD .NEW Concept ,They Look Super Sexy.Hot Gile Especially Yoona.I Don't Know Bout U Guys But I Say Yoona Looks Hot!

Check Out Their New Teaser!Their New Song Run Gonna Come Out Tommorow 17/3/10. Cant Wait.It's A Must Download!


Hah Finally Learned How To Put Vids!

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 4:46PM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

So Most Of Them Are The YoonYul Cuple And The JeTi Cuple!Enjoy


Who Has The Nicest Abs???

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 1:35AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

Yooo!Pick Your Fave!Hot Chocolate Abs Are Waiting For You!Okays To Make It Easier Im Gonna Put Pics Of Them With Their Choco Abs!


Lee Joon

Daniel HennyAJ

Bi Rain

Choi Siwon!:D



Snsd ENDS And Kara WINS?

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 1:15AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

Noooooo....It's Bye Bye For The Cheerleader..No More Cheering From Them.

Sad But True,Snsd Won't Be Performing Oh On M Core ANYMORE!

But Don't Be Sad Fans!They Will Come Back In Their New Black And Sexy Soshi Concept!And Kara Starts To Steal The Stage With Them Lupin Around!CONGRATS.Its A Vry Nice Song Anyway.I lOVE tHE lOVE Nicole's Hair It'S So Freakin Pretty!GoGo Soshi!



Focus On F.Cuz!

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 1:02AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

Hah Yello...

I Want No One But F Cuz!

Yup Their New Mv Came Out .Again They Look So Damn Superb!

And If ANYONE Knows How To Put A Video On This Thing Pls Tell!

They Have Beautiful Voices!I Wish I Could Be On M Core Every Week...

Anyways They Just Look HOT




2NE1, Big Bang AND Perez Hilton?

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 12:50AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -


Your'e Probably Wondering Why Are They Related To Each Other. Well Perez Hilton Posted Their New MV On His Website!OMG...

WOW,Congrats 2ne1 And Big Bang!!He Said That Their MV Rocked

But Then There Were Some People Who Are Kinda Racist! Damn Them!!:D

Anyway...I Don't Know How To Put A Fishing Vid on This Thing So You Have To Check It Out Yourself:(

Top Was Superbly Hot Sia!Also G-Dragon Kyahhh

Anyway They Both Rock Keep On Supporting Them Kays!




Oh No!!Snsd Black Pearl

Fri, 03/12/2010 - 11:59PM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -

Why Oh No?Snsd Kwon Yuri Got Struck With That Dumb Swine Flu .NOOOOOOO!I Bet Alot Of You Are Saying That Right Now.I Hope She Gets Better Soon! Think Yuri Was Infected By One Of SUJU Members.No I Am Not An Anti Hater,I Heart Suju Especially Siwon Hot Gile!I Bet Yoona Is Missing Her Baby Yuri!Hehe:DYoona Even Called Yuri On Family Outing Which Was Damn Sweet!

They Look So Cute Together. See The Pics Below!

Some YoonYul Love Going On:)

Some Cute And Funee Moments Going On Here

Kissing You Baby!

Please Yuri!

Yuri:I Love You!Yoona:Not Now.(Blushes)Cant Stop Looking AT You

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 12:11AM by NabilahHadi 0 Comments -


Name ,Nur Nabilah

1ST Ever Blog Post So The SOng Fits My Blog Name..

Anyway Watch Out For More Posts